Meet the Team Working For You

Nothing short of innovative, trustworthy, and caring.

Meet the Team Working For You

Nothing short of innovative, trustworthy, and caring.

Clients Trust Us

We have worked with most of our clients for many years, managing project after project. Our clients become our family and we only deliver the best results for our family.

We Care
About You

You're not just your business. We care about getting to know you so we can provide you with the best experience out there. When you work with us, it's more than just web development it's caring about you so we can deliver exactly what you need and more.

We Love
Our Team

We want everyone on a project and team to have a real and organic experience. New members are often surprised at the chat, the collaboration, and the memes that get shared. It's not all work and no play here: fun is mandatory!

Our Clients

Nokia / BBC Worldwide / University of Oxford / Barclays
Admiral Group / Wunder / Logica / Virgin Group / Barnado's
Pfizer / Howden Group / TATA Group / British Premier League
University of York / Lantra / Lumesse / Aston Martin

Meet the
Industry’s First

Agile451 was founded in 2010 by Danielle Hallet, who worked on the world's first Drupal project.

Danielle started as a bedroom programmer before the internet existed. That's not a joke either! She made her start in 1982, one year before the internet's official first birthday.


Every developer has a moment that hooked them. For Danielle, it was writing one of her first video games. She believed that every possible screen and every position of every actor was stored in the computer's memory. None of it was dynamic or fluid ' it was all a static image, and the game used thousands of them to create a fun user experience.

then she discovered N=N+1.

Her mind was blown. She could suddenly move anything she wanted across the screen by just adding a single coordinate to the code. In that moment, her eyes were opened to the true possibilities of the web development industry. And the rest, as they say, is history.