New to working remotely? Here are some 'do's and don'ts'.

Mon, 03/16/2020 - 20:45 By admin

New to working remotely?

Here are some 'do's and don'ts':

- Use your desk, not your sofa. Sitting comfortably and correctly is important.

- Break your day into 55 minute 'focus time' slots, then take a quick break, grab a drink, stretch.

- Try not to over-compensate because some people think remote workers are lazy. Show your worth by delivering, not pandering.

- Be wary of friends and family who will assume that now you're home, you're available all day for social calls and errands.

- By all means, be flexible, but remember there are people who will need to reach you, especially during office hours.

- Try not to become a social hermit, though that may be more challenging than usual right now with the Covid19 outbreak.

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