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5 Facial Recognition APIs - The Future of Biometric-Enabled App Development?

5 Facial Recognition APIs

As biometrics continue to play an increasing role in app development, savvy programmers need to acquaint themselves with the growing number of available APIs. Companies within the facial recognition space are launching application programming interfaces at a growing rate. Capable of everything from eye shape analysis to facial hair tracking, these APIs give an intriguing peek into the future of app development. Review the following facial recognition APIs to see which ones you will be adding to your list of cool developer tools to try:


The Betaface API enables everything from ethnicity classification to eye colour and hairstyle analysis. Compare faces in large groups and recover metadata from image URLs.



Cognitec's API can be used to develop anything from biometric authentication applications to facial profiling apps for law enforcement. This API can be used to scan images in video as well as 3D images. Talk about living in the future, right?



Face++ offers a cloud-based API that enables multiple facial recognition capabilities including gender, age, and race recognition. This API can be trained to recognize specific facial features in group images as well as create large groups of facial images based upon pre-determined criteria.



If you are considering integrating a facial recognition API into your software builds for security purposes, dive into the Kairos API. Create a gallery of images of individuals who will be authenticated by their facial photos and use this API to identify authorized personnel.



If you want to experiment with the power of facial recognition, Microsoft's Face API is worth discovering. This powerful API can recognize faces and group similar facial shapes together. When partnered with Microsoft's Emotion API, software can recognize facial expressions like smiles as well as identifying gender and even facial hair.


Paying attention to intriguing APIs can ensure your code development skills remain above par. While others are creating basic mobile applications, you can take your programming skills to the next level by incorporating facial recognition capabilities into your builds. Can you see yourself utilizing any of the above-listed application programming interfaces?